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wrote the Declaration of Indepenece, which stated that the colonies were forming a new nation, America.
a) George Washington
b) King George III
c) John Locke
d) Thomas Jefferson

set up to be the first permanent English settlement in North America
a) Quebec
b) Jamestown
c) Lexington
d) South Carolina

Puritans that migrated to America so that they could worship freely
a) Pilgrims
b) th Spanish
c) English Catholics
d) Quakers

The idea that a government may use only those powers given to it by the people
a) Limited Government
b) First Continental Congress
c) Constitution
d) Representative Governement

British laws that restricted colonist ability to buy and sell goods.
a) Stamp Act
b) Tea Tax
c) Navigation Act
d) Intolerable Acts

Held to call for the repeal of the Intolerable Acts
a) Battle of Lexington
b) Boston Tea Party
c) Second Continental Congress
d) First Continental Congress

John Rolfe, discovered that this crop could grow well in Virginia's soil
a) Tobacco
b) Sugarcane
c) Cotton
d) Rice & Indigo

Wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet urging colonist to separate from Great Britain
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Paine
d) Benjamine Franklin

A group of protesters dressed as Native Americans boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped cargoes of tea into the water
a) The Boston Massacre
b) Intolorable Acts
c) The Boston Tea Party
d) The Second Continental Congress

a government in which people elect representatives to make laws and conduct government
a) Representative Government
b) Constitution
c) Bill of Rights
d) Limited Governement

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