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Revolutionary War.[print questions]

A weakness of the Continental Army was that
a) it was always short of men.
b) many of its soldiers were untrained for battle.
c) it suffered from many shortages.
d) all of the above.

When Congress desperately printed money to fund the war
a) gold became worthless, ruining the economy.
b) General Wahington wouldn't accept the money.
c) the value of money dropped tremendously
d) it caused the economy to flourish, as there were fewer poor merchants.

King George III hired German mercenaries to increase the strength of his army. These mercenaries were called
a) Patriots
b) Hessians
c) Loyalists
d) Casselians

Why did the distance between America and Great Britain weaken the British in the war?
a) The journey across the Atlantic was dangerous.
b) It was expensive to transport supplies, and news was slow to arrive.
c) British ships were not sturdy enough to travel across the Atlantic.
d) Often the troops would get lost out at sea.

Lord George Germain's first plan to win the war was to
a) seize New York, then demolish the rebellion in Massachusetts.
b) attach the Patriots from three different sides, then migrate to Boston.
c) become allies with Germany, then attack Massachusetts.
d) persuade the Southern states to join with Britain, then attack Boston.

Why did many African Americans become Loyalists?
a) The British guaranteed slaves freedom if they fought for them.
b) The British traded with America for runaway slaves.
c) The British captured many runaway slaves when fighting in America.
d) all of the above.

Why did General Howe order the British to stop attacking in the New York battle?
a) He realized the British were running out of supplies.
b) He wanted to trick Washington to surprise attack later.
c) He wanted to save his troops for later battles.
d) He expected General Washington to surrender.

What condition were the Continental Army soldiers in after the New York battle in 1776?
a) They were weak from lack of food.
b) They suffered from the poor weather conditions.
c) They had very little clothing.
d) all of the above.

When the Americans attacked their enemy in Trenton, the Hessians
a) defeated the Americans.
b) joined the Americans.
c) surrendered to the Americans.
d) captured the Americans.

At the beginning of the war, the Americans and British both adopted the same military strategy. This strategy was to
a) defend against the enemy, rather than attack.
b) defeat the other side in one big battle.
c) weaken the other side with many small battles.
d) gather as many allies as possible.

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