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Who was the king that drove the Hyksos out of Egypt?
a) Amenhotep
b) Amon Re
c) Narmer
d) Tut

How would you describe the Nile flooding?
a) cataclysmic
b) gentle and dependable
c) destructive
d) rare

What was the natural barrier that protected Egypt in the south?
a) cataracts
b) Sahara
c) Delta
d) Red Sea

Also known as Menes, he united Upper and Lower Egypt.
a) Ramses
b) Piye
c) Narmer
d) Tutankhamen

The golden age of prosperity, achievement, and stability in Egypt.
a) Old Kingdom
b) Middle Kingdom
c) Good Age
d) Old Age

Female pharaoh who concentrated on building the Egyptian economy.
a) Hatshepsut
b) Narmer
c) Ramses
d) Piye

This was the tallest building in the world for 4,000 years.
a) The Nile
b) The Sahara
c) The Great Pyramid
d) The mummy

She ruled the underworld with her husband Osiris.
a) Isis
b) Hatshepsut
c) Narmer
d) Tut

He was believed to be the son of Re, the sun god.
a) Hapi
b) Isis
c) pharaoh
d) Clifford

The forced payments sent to the pharaoh by conquered peoples are called...
a) tribute
b) surveys
c) taxes
d) Re

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