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Sculptures at the Parthenon showed
a) natural scenes.
b) images of perfection.
c) abstract poses.
d) snakes and dragons.

A long poem
a) tribute
b) oracle
c) epic
d) tragedy

Any priest or priestess who spoke for the gods.
a) oracle
b) philosopher
c) tyrant
d) tragedy

Which of the following best describes early Greek philisosophers?
a) They perfomed some of the earliest scientific experiments.
b) They observed natural events and tried to explain them with reason.
c) They thought that Greek gods weren't important.
d) They studied ways to improve Greek ships and warfare.

Oracles had a great impact on Greek history because
a) the advice of priests and preistesses was taked very seriously by Greek leaders.
b) they were the ones who made most of the laws.
c) they were sites chosen for seaports and cities.
d) they were valuable sites and couldn't be used for cities.

Pericles is remembered as
a) a great Greek philosopher.
b) a great Greek poet.
c) a powerful Greek god.
d) a great leader of Athens.

The proper order of government types in ancient Greece is which of the following?
a) tyrants, aristocratic rule, democracy
b) kingdoms, tyrants, aristocratic ule
c) aristocratic rule, tyrants, democracy
d) tyrants, kingdoms, democracy

Which of the following explains why Greek Civilizations collapsed during the Dark Ages?
a) It was invaded by Egypt.
b) It was destroyed by eruption of a volcano.
c) No one is sure why.
d) It formed a national government.

Which of the following describes the epics The Iliad and The Odyssey?
a) They tell about the Trojan War and are credited to Homer.
b) They describe how the Trojan Horse was used.
c) They are accurate accounts of the war between Minoans and Trojans.
d) They were written by Socrates to help describe Greek gods.

Which of the following describes Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations?
a) Both relied conquests to expand their power.
b) Both relied on trade to expand their power.
c) Both were srrong and shared much culure.
d) Both used writing.

How did Greece's physical geography influence its early civilization?
a) It encouraged people to be sailors and traders yet keeping cities seperate.
b) It forced people to adapt to harsh weather conditions.
c) It encouraged the use of rich farmland and contact between cities.
d) It prevented wars because people were concentrated in one area.

A payment made by a less powerful state or nation to a more powerful one.
a) epic
b) peninsula
c) tribute
d) oracle

An area of land nearly surrounded by water.
a) tyrant
b) tribute
c) epic
d) peninsula

A high rocky hill where early people built cities.
a) acropolis
b) peninsula
c) oracle
d) philosopher

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