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_________ is how much one currency is worth in terms of another countries currency.
a) Exchange rate
b) Population density
c) quota barrier
d) market mixed system

When money from one country is changed into money from another country that is called
a) exchanging currencies
b) changing banks
c) foreign affairs
d) traditional embargo

Every country uses the same currency.
a) False
b) True

all currency is worth the same amount
a) False
b) True

Someone traveling from Thomasville to Europe might have to
a) exchange dollars for Euros
b) use more dollars in Europe
c) use less dollars in Europe
d) do nothing because currencies are the same around the world

tax on imports
a) tariff
b) quota
c) embargo
d) command

restrictions and limits on imports
a) quota
b) tariff
c) embargo
d) market

forbids and stops all trade
a) embargo
b) tariff
c) quota
d) traditional

three economic questions
a) what to produce, how to produce, for whom to produce
b) what to produce, when to produce, for whom to produce
c) where to produce, how to produce, for whom to produce
d) what to produce, how to produce, where to produce

based on past customs
a) traditional economy
b) market economy
c) command economy
d) tariff economy

based on government demands
a) command economy
b) traditional economy
c) market economy
d) mixed economy

based on buyers and sellers
a) market economy
b) traditional economy
c) quota economy
d) command economy

MOST economic systems are
a) mixed
b) market
c) command
d) traditional

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