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Antarctica is completely located in the —
a) northern hemisphere
b) southern hemisphere
c) western hemisphere
d) eastern hemisphere

South America is in the —
a) Southern Hemisphere
b) Eastern and Western Hemispheres
c) Northern Hemisphere
d) Northern and Southern Hemispheres

West Virginia can be found in the __________ region.
a) Southeast
b) Northeast
c) Southwest
d) Midwest

Which cities would be found in the Midwest region of the United States?
a) A Denver and Salt Lake City
b) Chicago and Detroit
c) Juneau and Honolulu
d) Santa Fe and San Antonio

Detroit is to the automobile industry as Chicago is to the —
a) meat-packing industry
b) service industry
c) textile industry
d) steel industry

The people who worked in textile (fabric and garment) mills in 1901 would most likely have lived in —
a) Detroit, Michigan
b) New England
c) Atlanta, Georgia
d) Midatlantic Region

The steel industry was located around which city?
a) New York
b) Pittsburgh
c) Philadelphia
d) Detroit

Which invention would have had the greatest impact on westward expansion?
a) Locomotive
b) Automobile
c) Conestoga Wagon
d) Sailing Barge

How did early colonizers of the Great Plains use windmills to enable themselves to be able to live there?
a) A It kept the farm cool during periods of extreme heat.
b) It created electricity that allowed them to use machines.
c) It allowed them to dig wells deep enough to access water.
d) It improved communication between settlers.

Barbed wire was invented to help the westward settlers keep —
a) cowboys off their land
b) Native Americans off their land
c) cattle from wandering off their land
d) wild animals off their land

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