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Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum.[print questions]

A(n)___________materials lets light pass through freely
a) Transparent
b) Translucent
c) Transmission
d) Transfer

The bending of light when it changes media is called:____________________
a) Reflection
b) Refraction
c) Transmission
d) Translucent

___________occurs when light is sent in many different directions after colliding with particles of matter.
a) Refraction
b) Transmission
c) Scattering
d) Rebounding

The bouncing of light off a surface is called:______________________
a) Refraction
b) Reflection
c) Scattering
d) Opaque

An object appears fuzzy when seen through a(n)____________material
a) Transfer
b) Transmission
c) Transparent
d) Translucent

Why does a banana appear yellow in white light?
a) The banana reflects only the yellow light
b) The banana absorbs only the yellow light
c) The banana reflects all of the colors of white light
d) The banana absorbs all of the colors of white light

Which statement best tells the ways in which light interacts with matter?
a) Light can come from the sun, fire, or a light bulb
b) Only visible light can interact with matter
c) Laser light goes through matter, and all other light gets stopped by matter
d) Light waves can be reflected, refracted, or absorbed by matter.

In which of these situations would light slow down?
a) Glass to Air
b) Ice to Water
c) Plastic to Air
d) Vacuum to Air

What would happen if a black object was exposed to direct sunlight?
a) The object would heat up
b) The object would shrink
c) The object would change color
d) The object would reflect the light

It is foggy outside one morning. Which term best describes the fog?
a) Transparent
b) Translucent
c) Opaque
d) Reflective

Why is the sky blue?
a) It is a reflection of the Earth's oceans
b) It is due to the blue light being scattered in our atmosphere
c) Because it can be.
d) It wants to be so just let it be right Cristy

Why does a black asphalt road become hotter than a white cement sidewalk in the same amount of sun light?
a) The black asphalt reflects the suns energy
b) The black asphalt scatters the suns energy
c) The black asphalt absorbs the suns energy
d) The black asphalt refracts the suns energy

What is electromagnetic radiation?
a) A magnetic field
b) The transfer of energy as sound waves
c) The transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
d) The medium through which elctromagnetic waves travel

Which statement best describes how fast these waves travel in a vacuum?
a) Gamma rays travel faster than others because they have the highest frequencies
b) High frequency waves travel faster than low frequency waves
c) Infrared waves travel faster than ultra-violet waves
d) All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed

EM waves exist along a spectrum which set is in the correct order from low frequency to high frequency?
a) Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light, Ultra-Violet, X-Rays, Gamma rays
b) Radio waves, Infrared, Microwaves, Visible light, Ultra-Violet, X-Rays, Gamma rays
c) Gamma rays, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible light, Ultra-Violet, X-Rays, Radio waves,
d) Radio waves, Microwaves, Ultra-Violet, Visible light, Infrared, X-Rays, Gamma rays

When electromagnetic waves travel through a vacuum they travel at the same speed
a) True
b) False

Electromagnetic waves require a medium to transfer their energy.
a) True
b) False

Matter that transmit no light is known as being:______________
a) Opaque
b) Refracted
c) Translucent
d) Transparent

The color black is said to _________________all the colors of the visible light spectrum
a) Reflect
b) Refract
c) Absorb
d) Scatter

__________is when light passes through air or some other medium
a) Translucent
b) Transmission
c) Transparent
d) Refracted

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