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Luster is
a) dark
b) how hard a mineral is
c) the color it is
d) how shiny, sparkly, or silvery a mineral is

A piece of glass is often used to test what of a mineral
a) streak
b) hardness
c) luster
d) malleability

A student is examining a mineral in science class. It is shiny, has magnetism, conducts electricity, is malleable, and ductile. What is most likely the object?
a) metalliod
b) non-metal
c) metal
d) semi-conductor

The ability to be drawn into a thin wire?
a) malleability
b) ductility
c) magnetism
d) conductivity

A school is designing new technology. They need an object that is solid, not a conductor, is brittle, dull, and not ductile. What would be their best choice?
a) nonmetal
b) metalloid
c) metal
d) semi-conductor

Using Mohs Hardness Scale, a girl wanted to see if she could figure what rock she owns. The rock would scratch a penny but not scratch a knife. What could she conclude about this rock?
a) it is harder than calcite, but softer than fluorite
b) it is harder than fluorite, but softer than quartz
c) it is harder than topaz, but softer than gypsum
d) it is softer than orthoclase, but harder than topaz

A student is examining an object he found at his friends house. It is dull and shiny, is a good conductor when heated, can be strong or brittle. What most likely is the object
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) semi-conductor
d) metalloid

A student completed a lab station in which he scratched a mineral on a white plate looking for color left behind and then used a magnet.What physical properties is the student testing?
a) luster and conductivity
b) hardness and streak
c) streak and conductivity
d) streak and magnetism

What is the best definition of physical properties?
a) test used to eliminate hardness on mohs scale
b) characteristics used to describe and identify a substance
c) types of react-able preoperties
d) observed actions in a science lab

strong, ductile, good conductor of heat, and malleable are all physical characteristics of which?
a) nonmetals
b) metalloids
c) semi-conductors
d) metals

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