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The law of _________________________ was formulated by Sir Isaac Newton.
a) reform
b) flotation
c) gravitation
d) unionism

The earth rotates on its _________________ and revolves around the __________________.
a) cornerstone, moon
b) cornerstone, sun
c) axis, moon
d) axis, sun

Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer, demonstrated that the orbits of the planets have _________________ shapes.
a) square
b) elliptical
c) circular
d) star

According to the heliocentric theory, the _________________ is the center of the solar system.
a) sun
b) moon
c) earth
d) dwarf planet

The earth is flattened at the ________________ and bulged at the ________________.
a) poles, equator
b) equator, poles
c) Prime Meridian, equator
d) equator, Prime Meridian

Deflection of projectiles and the winds show that the earth is _____________________.
a) revolving
b) rotating
c) sinking
d) projecting

The _______________ brought a rebirth of interest in culture, including science.
a) stock market crash
b) Renaissance
c) Enlightenment
d) Stone Age

A Foucault pendulum would not be deflected at all if it were located at the _________________.
a) North Pole
b) South Pole
c) Prime Meridian
d) equator

According to the geocentric theory, a planet that did not orbit with the earth exactly at the center of its circular path followed a(n) _____________________ orbit.
a) equator
b) axis
c) eccentric
d) winter

The geocentric theory claims that the _________________ is at the center of the universe.
a) earth
b) moon
c) sun
d) dwarf planet

The occurrence of seasons could be used as evidence of the earth's motion called ___________________.
a) lunar
b) earth
c) revolution
d) rotation

A calendar based on the moon's changes is called a(n) __________________ calendar.
a) earth
b) lunar
c) eccentric
d) equator

During summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is
a) increasing its tilt.
b) tilted towards the sun.
c) tilted away from the sun.
d) not tilted.

The angle between the earth's axis and a line perpendicular to the plane of its orbit is
a) 15 degrees.
b) 0 degrees.
c) 23 1/2 degrees.
d) 8 minutes of an arc.

The man who probably played the largest role in attempting to improve the geocentric theory was
a) Ptolemy.
b) Aristotle.
c) Thales.
d) Aristarchus.

The main crystal spheres proposed in the geocentric theory were called
a) epicycles.
b) eccentrics.
c) orbits.
d) deferents.

The path that the sun appears to follow among the stars is called the
a) ecliptic.
b) eccentric.
c) equinox.
d) equator.

The most recent evidence that established that the earth moves and not the sun was
a) the Foucault pendulum
b) direct observation
c) the sun's motion along the ecliptic
d) the parallax of the stars

An astronomer who played a major role in the development of the heliocentric theory was
a) Aristarchus.
b) Kepler
c) Copernicus.
d) Eratosthenes.

The Christian astronomer who formulated three laws of planetary motion was
a) Tycho.
b) Copernicus.
c) Kepler.
d) Ptolemy.

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