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The first secretion of breast milk that is rich is nutrients and antibodies:
a) colostrum
b) calcium
c) antioxidants
d) weaning

How long after childbirth is a woman's body capable of breast-feeding?
a) As long as the baby has no teeth.
b) As long as the baby demands it.
c) The breast milk lasts for one year.
d) The breast milk lasts for two years.

Which term means 'the production of breast milk?'
a) induction
b) lactation
c) ovulation
d) secretion

Most infants drink about _____ of breast milk or formula per day.
a) 1 cup
b) 1 gallon
c) 1 pint
d) 1 quart

Infants are born with a 6 month reserve of _____.
a) iron
b) folate
c) calcium
d) protein

Which is the correct order to introduce foods to a baby?
a) rice cereal, vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, strained meats, food mixtures
b) vegetables, rice cereal, meats, fruit juice, fruits, food mixtures
c) rice cereal, fruits, vegetables, fruit juice, food mixtures, strained meats
d) fruits, vegetables, cereals, mixtures, strained meats

Which nutrient is most important for brain development during the first year of life?
a) calcium
b) carbohydrates
c) fats
d) protein

When should a baby be weaned from the bottle?
a) By 6 months old.
b) By 9 months old.
c) By 12 months old.
d) By 18 month old.

What happens to the baby's weight during the first year of life?
a) It doubles.
b) It triples.
c) It stays the same.
d) It increases by 5 pounds.

How many extra calories do breastfeeding mothers need each day?
a) 100
b) 500
c) 1000
d) 1500

How often, on average, do newborns need to be fed?
a) 3 - 4 times per day
b) 5 - 6 times per day
c) 7 - 8 times per day
d) 9 - 10 times per day

When should solid foods, like rice cereal, be first introduced to an infant?
a) 2 to 4 months
b) 4 to 6 months
c) 6 to 9 months
d) 9 to 12 months

Which of the following should you avoid giving an infant before 1 year old?
a) applesauce
b) egg yolks
c) honey
d) Karo syrup

If starting cow's milk at age 12 months, which type should be introduced?
a) 1% milk
b) 2% milk
c) skim milk
d) whole milk

How long does the AAP recommend that moms breastfeed?
a) At least 4 months.
b) At least 6 months.
c) At least 1 year.
d) At least 2 years.

When introducing solid foods, it is usually best to start with:
a) vegetables
b) strained fruits
c) strained meats
d) rice cereal

What is the earliest that infants should begin drinking cow's milk?
a) 9 months
b) 12 months
c) 15 months
d) 18 months

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