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Why is running over a yard fungus with a lawnmower counterproductive when trying to remove the fungus from the yard?
a) It will kill the fungus.
b) It will release poisons that can kill the grass.
c) It will spread the spores causing the fungus to spread.
d) It will make the fungus grow back taller.

Lichens are members of the fungi kingdom. What makes them different from other members of this kingdom?
a) a. They can make their own food.
b) b. Their cells have nuclei.
c) c. They are a combination of a fungus and an alga.
d) d. a and c only.

What is NOT true about mycelium?
a) It is the major part of a fungus.
b) Broken pieces turn into new fungi.
c) It is a mass of strands of cells called hyphae.
d) All of these are true.

All fungi are which two kinds of consumers?
a) parasites or decomposers
b) hosts or lichens
c) parasites or lichens
d) decomposers or producers

Which of the following is NOT true of the kingdom Protista?
a) They are members of the domain Eukarya.
b) Many can switch from asexual reproduction to sexual.
c) They are all single-celled.
d) Their cells have nuclei

Which of the following is an example of a protist that is a producer?
a) algae
b) slime mold
c) parasite
d) sac fungus

yeast is an example of
a) Sac
b) Threadlike
c) Imperfect
d) Club

mold is an example of
a) Sac
b) Threadlike
c) Imperfect
d) Club

penicilium is an example of
a) Sac
b) Threadlike
c) Imperfect
d) Club

mushroom is an example of
a) Sac
b) Threadlike
c) Imperfect
d) Club

What kind of organism is the largest in the world?
a) club fungus
b) threadlike fungus
c) slime mold
d) lichen

The largest organism in the world took thousands of years to grow, but we just recently learned that it was there. What made it so hard to discover?
a) it stretches through the tops of the trees
b) it looks like ordinary trees in the forest
c) you can't see it's structures without a microscope
d) the majority of it is underground

Why must you be careful when picking edible wild fungus to eat?
a) some small, yet vicious animals, have ears that could be mistaken for mushrooms and if you pull them they might get angry
b) there are poisonous fungi that look like many of the edible fungi
c) even though you can eat them, they may have poisonous darts
d) they can become poisonous if you pick them the wrong way

How do plants and fungi benefit from each other through a mycorrhiza?
a) The fungus provides nutrients to the plant, and the plant protects the fungus from disease-causing organisms
b) The plant provides nutrients to the fungus, and the fungus protects the plant from disease-causing organisms
c) The plant provides shelter to the fungus to keep it from drying out, and the fungus processes nitrogen in the air for plants
d) The fungus provides shelter to the plant to keep it from drying out, and the plant processes nitrogen in the air for fungi

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