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What condenses into a X shape before mitosis?
a) chromatids
b) centromeres
c) centrioles
d) cytoplasm

Human body cells have 23 pairs of ___.
a) chromatids
b) centromere
c) cytokinesis
d) chromosomes

The process of cell division in a bacterial cell is call ___.
a) binary fission
b) mitosis
c) chromosomes
d) passive transport

The different stages that a cell goes through in its life time is know as the ___.
a) active transport
b) passive transport
c) cell cycle
d) fermentation

The DNA of a eukaryotic cell is organized into structures called ___.
a) chromosomes
b) fermentation
c) centromere
d) chromatids

Chromosomes with similar information are called ___ chromosomes
a) centromoere
b) chromatids
c) osmosis
d) homologous

After chromosomes are duplicated during the eukaryotic cell cycle, the two copies are held tegether at a region called the ___.
a) chromatids
b) centromere
c) homologous
d) cytokinesis

The two copies of a chromosome connected by a centromere are called ___.
a) chromatids
b) centromere
c) homologous
d) cytokinesis

___ is the process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells.
a) Cytokinesis
b) Binary Fission
c) Mitosis
d) none of the answers

In animal cell and human cells, the process which cytoplasm divides after mitosis is ___.
a) chromatids
b) centromere
c) mitosis
d) cytokinesis

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