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The three reasons for the colonization of Georgia were
a) gold, debtors out of prison and land
b) God, gold, glory
c) slaves, gold, trade

Why did James Oglethorpe suggest forming a colony for the poor?
a) England wanted to get rid of debtors
b) The homeless would readily come to the new world
c) Oglethorpe had a friend who died in debtors prison

According to the charter, which religious group was not allowed to settle in Georgia?
a) Baptist
b) Jewish
c) Catholiic

All of the following European nations established colonies in North America except
a) Spain
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) Portugal

According to the Charter, which group of people was not allowed to enter Georgia?
a) slave
b) soldiers
c) doctors

Who was the Yamacraw leader that gave Oglethorpe permission to settle in current day Georgia?
a) Tomochichi
b) Noble Jones
c) John Musgrove

Who served as the translator between Oglethorpe and the Yamacraw chief?
a) Mary Musgrove
b) Tomochichi
c) John Reynolds

Where did the German Salzburgers first settle?
a) Savannah
b) Ebenezer
c) Darien

The Salzburgers moved from their original Georgia settlement because
a) they were attacked frequently by the natives
b) they had problems with the Spanish
c) the land ono which they settled was marshy and not able to produce crops

The greatest threat to the existence of the Georgia colony was
a) new diseases
b) harsh climate
c) Spanish soldiers in Florida

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