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How did the trustees of Georgia work around the rules set for them by the king?
a) They rules for 21 years
b) They made a profit from the colony
c) they hand-picked a supportive governor
d) They passed regulations rather than laws

King George II granted Oglethorpe and his group a charter for the thirteenth colony in
a) 1776
b) 1732
c) 1067
d) 1492

As a member of Parliament's House of Commons, Oglethorpe was active in bringing about reforms in England's...
a) postal system
b) prison system
c) school system
d) pension system

Which statement BEST describes education during the trustee period?
a) Education focused on the three R's - reading, writing, and arithmetic
b) Education focused on teaching children practical matters for use in life.
c) Education was provided for boys only and only until fourteen years of age
d) Education was generally frowned upon and only the wealth received any schooling

For what purpose did James Oglethorpe build Fort Frederica on St. Simons's Island?
a) To send out missionaries to spread Christianity
b) To protect against a Spanish invasion of Georgia
c) To train soldiers to fight in the American Revolution
d) To serve as a trading post with the Native Americans

What was the name given to the Georgians during the trustee period who frequently complained of the trustee's policies?
a) the whiners
b) the instigators
c) the aggravators
d) the malcontents

Who led the group of Georgia settlers known as the Salzburgers?
a) William Bull
b) John Reynolds
c) John Martin Bolzius
d) Alexander McGillivary

According to the original Georgia Charter of 1732, between what two rivers was Georgia to be built?
a) Oconee and Ocmulgee
b) Savannah and Altamaha
c) Chattahoochee and Flint
d) St. Mary's and Ogeechee

What was James Oglethorpe's personal reason for seeking a thirteenth colony?
a) trade
b) charity
c) defense
d) religion

Who was MOST responsible for the creation of the Georgia Colony?
a) Robert Castell
b) Samuel Nunez
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Hernando de Soto

Which statement does NOT correctly describe James Oglethorpe
a) He worked to reform prisons in England
b) He opposed laws that placed debtors in prinson
c) He favored strict legislation dealing with the jobless
d) He was a member of Parliament's House of Commons

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