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What gas is consumed during photosynthesis?
a) nitrogen
b) carbon dioxide
c) oxygen
d) carbon monoxide

What sugar is produced during photosynthesis?
a) sucrose
b) glucose
c) fructose
d) cellulose

What gas is produced during photosynthesis?
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) carbon monoxide

What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) sugar and water
b) carbon dioxide and oxygen
c) carbon dioxide and water
d) sugar and oxygen

Which type of cells contain chloroplasts?
a) animal
b) prokaryote
c) bacteria
d) plant

In periods of hot, dry weather, the stoma of leaves close to prevent transpiration. When the stoma close, carbon dioxide is not taken in. What process will decrease?
a) cellular respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) mitosis
d) protein synthesis

Which molecule in plant cells first captures the radiant energy from sunlight?
a) chlorophyll
b) glucose
c) carbon dioxide
d) adenosine triphosphate

Which of the following is the source of carbon in the sugar produced during photosynthesis?
a) water
b) the sun
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Where are most photosynthetic cells in plants found?
a) roots
b) leaves
c) stems
d) trunk

What process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
a) cellular respiration
b) burning fossil fuels
c) photosynthesis
d) combustion

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