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This King started the English Civil War, eventually he was beheaded.
a) Charles I
b) Charles II
c) James I
d) James II

This War in England was between the New Model Army and the supporters of King Charles I
a) English Civil War
b) French Civil War
c) French and Indian War
d) None of the above

Leader of the New Model Army
a) Oliver Cromwell
b) James II
c) Charles I
d) Charles II

The Commonwealth of England was the government between these two kings
a) Charles I and Charles II
b) James I and James II
c) Charles I and James I
d) Charles II and James II

He was put back as King of England shortly after the death of Oliver Cromwell
a) Charles II
b) Charles I
c) James I
d) James II

This brought in William and Mary to the Throne of England in 1689.
a) Glorious Revolution
b) English Revolution
c) English Bill of Rights
d) The Death of Charles I

He was overthrown as King of England during the Glorious Revolution.
a) James II
b) James I
c) Charles II
d) Charles I

True or False; All constitutions are written forms of government which limit the power of government
a) False
b) True

The splitting of powers in government between multiple branches of government.
a) Separation of Powers
b) Federalism
c) Checks and Balances
d) Totalitariansim

Which person WAS NOT an Enlightenment Thinker?
a) Galileo
b) Voltaire
c) Montesquieu
d) Rousseau

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