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The sun god
a) Osiris
b) Nubia
c) Menes
d) Re

A state ruled by religious figures
a) theocracy
b) Socalism
c) Democracy
d) Bureaucracy

Helped historians to decode Egyptian writing
a) scribes
b) Rosetta Stone
c) dictionary
d) papyrus

Goddess of nature
a) delta
b) Osiris
c) Isis
d) Re

Area at the mouth of a river made up of fertile silt deposits
a) Cataracts
b) tributaries
c) Delta
d) mouth

Founded Egypt’s first dynasty
a) Ramese II
b) Piankhi
c) King Tut
d) Menes

Used to make paper-like sheets for writing
a) papyrus
b) pine
c) Piankhi
d) rosetta stone

Kushite ruler who conquered all of Egypt
a) Piankhi
b) Tut
c) Menes
d) Ramese II

Why did pharaohs have absolute power in Egypt?
a) Pharaohs ruled the country using terror.
b) Egyptians believed the pharaoh was a god in human form.
c) The kingdom was small enough for one man to exercise complete control.
d) Egyptians believed the pharaoh received instructions directly from the vizier.

What important change occurred in Egypt when Akhenaton became pharaoh?
a) Most Egyptians worshipped the Hittite gods
b) Egypt became monotheistic
c) Most Egyptians converted to Judaism
d) Egypt became polytheistic.

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