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Average Speed =
a) Total Speed / Total Distance
b) Total Distance / Total Speed
c) Total Time / Total Distance
d) Total Distance / Total Time

All of the following are units of speed, except...
a) km/m
b) km/min
c) km/s
d) km/h

Acceleration that occurs in a circular motion
a) Interia
b) Centripetal
c) Mass
d) Total Acceleration

Which would be a good reference point to describe a dog?
a) the dogs tail
b) all of the above
c) a tree
d) the sky

Which of the following is NOT an example of acceleration?
a) a person jogging at 3 m/s along a winding path
b) a plane taking off
c) a cheetah running 27 m/s east
d) a car stopping at a stop sign

Which of the following may happen when an object receives unbalanced forces?
a) The object changes direction
b) All of the above
c) The object starts to move
d) The object changes speed

Why is it easy to slip when there is water on the floor?
a) The water is a lubricant and reduces the friction between your feet and the floor
b) The friction between your feet and the floor sliding kinetic fricition to rolling kinetic friction.
c) The water increases the friction between your feet and the floor
d) The friction between your feet and the floor chages from kinetic to static friction

If Earth's mass doubled without changing its size, your weight would
a) not change change because you are still on Earth
b) increase because gravitational force increases
c) increase because gravitational force decreases
d) decrease because gravitational force increases

Which of the following will increase the acceleration of a object that is pusshed by a force?
a) decreasing the mass of the object
b) decrease mass and increase force
c) increasing the force pushing the object
d) increasing the mass of the object

Newton's Three Laws of Motion apply or work...
a) Only on Earth
b) Earth, but not under water
c) Eath and Space
d) Only in Space

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