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How did the soapy water behave differently from plain water(in lab)?
a) there were more drops of soapy water on the penny then tap water
b) the number of drops were the same
c) there were less drops of soapy water on the penny then tap water
d) the soapy was pink

A summary of what you have already learned from a scientific experiment is called this:
a) conclusion
b) observation
c) average
d) data

A possible answer to a scientific question
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) question
d) data

Explaining the things you observe based on reasoning from what you already know is this:
a) inferring
b) observing
c) questioning
d) collecting data

What are you doing when you use one or more of your senses to gather information?
a) inferring
b) observing
c) manipulating
d) concluding

Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
a) The road is bumpy
b) My daughter is 11 years old
c) This bottle holds 2 liters of water
d) My dog weights 30 kg

Observations to DO NOT deal with number are called this,
a) quantitative
b) not real
c) manipulated
d) qualitative

Which of the following is a quantitative observation?
a) the tables are black
b) there are 4 tables
c) the rock is smooth
d) the air feels cool

Observations that deal with number are known as,
a) qualitative
b) quantitative
c) better
d) manipulated

What is a pipette?
a) a ruler
b) something to stir liquid
c) an tool used to transfer water, like a dropper
d) something that heats liquids in science class

What is the most important lab safety rule?
a) always follow all written and verbal directions
b) always wear lab apron
c) always wear goggles
d) always call 911 when someone gets hurt

What is the average of 1, 4, 1?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 4

What is the first thing you should do if an accident occurs?
a) tell the teacher in the room
b) tell the nurse
c) tell no one
d) write a letter to the teacher and give it to him/her after class?

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