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A small chemical spill in the lab is cleaned up by using paper towels. Where should the dirty paper towels be placed?
a) in the sink
b) in the wastebasket
c) in the chemical waste container
d) in the hazardous waste container

Which list best describes what should be worn by students in a biology lab where pouring chemicals into beakers is involved?
a) a long-sleeved shirt, safety glasses, protective gloves, and sandals
b) a long-sleeved shirt, safety glasses, protective gloves, and closed shoes
c) a lab coat, safety glasses, protective gloves, and sandals
d) a lab coat, safety glasses, protective gloves, and closed shoes

Which is a safe practice for handling chemicals in a lab investigation?
a) Dispose of all chemicals down the sink with a lot of water.
b) Tell the teacher about any chemicals that were spilled in a lab.
c) Identify chemicals by smelling and tasting them.
d) Place beakers of chemicals near the edge of the counter.

Which waste items should always be discarded in the hazardous waste container?
a) pieces of glass
b) plant specimens
c) all chemicals
d) bacterial cultures

Which safe practice is part of using aseptic technique?
a) using a safety shower to wash chemicals off skin and clothing
b) wearing protective gloves when transferring bacteria and fungi to slides
c) folding and tying up the electric cord of a microscope before carrying it
d) using tongs and a hot mitt to remove a beaker of hot water from a hot plate

Jacob is unsure about how to focus a slide under the microscope. What would be Jacob’s best course of action?
a) Ask the teacher for instructions
b) Ask his lab partner for instructions.
c) Watch another student, and copy what he or she does.
d) Use the trial-and-error method until the slide focuses.

Living plants may be valuable additions to science classrooms. Which is the most important safety consideration when planning to grow plants in a classroom?
a) How much light will the plants need to grow?
b) Do the plants have any poisonous parts?
c) What type of plant food will the plants need?
d) Who will take care of the plants in the room?

How can a liquid be drawn into a pipette safely?
a) by squeezing a bulb attached to the wide end of the pipette
b) by gently sucking the wide end of the pipette until the liquid rises up
c) by using a beaker to pour the liquid into the pipette
d) by using an eyedropper to drip the liquid into the pipette

Suppose that Louisa is cut by broken glass during a lab accident. Which is the proper place to dispose of the paper towels that are used to clean up the blood?
a) broken glass container
b) hazardous waste container
c) spilled chemicals container
d) classroom waste container

Which statement describes the best way to prepare a microscope for safe transport back to a storage area?
a) Put a cover over the microscope.
b) Set the microscope to the high-power objective position.
c) Wrap the electrical cord around the arm of the microscope.
d) Raise the stage of the microscope until it touches the objective.

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