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An animal without a backbone is
a) invertebrate
b) vertebrate
c) class
d) species

The next order of classification below phylum...
a) class
b) kingdom
c) order
d) species

Which of the following animals is an invertebrate?
a) worm
b) rattlesnake
c) woodpecker
d) bear

Which type of plant is not vascular?
a) moss
b) fern
c) conifer
d) flowering plant

An animal has gills and jointed legs, but no backbone. What is the most likely way to classify it?
a) arthropod
b) reptile
c) bird
d) fish

How do scientists classify a vascular plant with no seeds?
a) fern
b) moss
c) conifer
d) flowering plant

How are babies of reptiles different from babies of mammals?
a) Reptiles develop in eggs.
b) Reptiles develop in the mother's body.
c) Reptile babies breathe with gills
d) Reptile babies are fed by their parent.

What does a vertebrate have that an invertebrate does not?
a) backbone
b) lungs
c) brain
d) gills

What statement describes conifers?
a) Conifers reproduce using cones and seeds.
b) Conifers do not have leaves.
c) Conifers are protists.
d) Conifers are nonvascular plants.

How would you classify without a backbone that has a hard outer shell and a soft body?
a) mollusk
b) fish
c) bacteria
d) reptile

How are amphibians different from all other vertebrates?
a) Adult amphibians do not look like baby amphibians.
b) Amphibians hatch from eggs.
c) Amphibians are cold-blooded.
d) Adult amphibians have bodies unlike any other vertebrate.

How is fungi different from plants?
a) Fungi do not make their own food.
b) Fungi use sugar for food.
c) Fungi use dead wood to make food.
d) Fungi do not use sunlight to make food.

How are plants and animals similar?
a) Plants and animals are multicellular.
b) Plants and animals use photosynthesis.
c) Plants and animals reproduce with cones and spores.
d) Plants andanimals canmove on their own.

Which statement is true of protists and archobacteria?
a) They are neither plant nor animal.
b) They lived t ogether in groups.
c) They live inside other organisms.
d) They are neither single-celled or multicellular.

Which characteristics do mammals share?
a) They are warm-blooded and mothers make milk for their young.
b) They are cold-blooded and mothers make milk for their young.
c) They are warm-blooded and have feathers or scales on teir bodies.
d) They are cold-blooded and have hair or fur.

Which animal is avertebrate?
a) tiger
b) lobster
c) bee
d) starfish

Which animal is an invertebrate?
a) jellyfish
b) dog
c) monkey
d) cheetah

There are more vertebrates than invertebrates living on earth.
a) False
b) True

The body temperature of a cold-blooded animal does not change.
a) False
b) True

Vascular meas that nutrients are carried throughout the plant by little tubes.
a) True
b) False

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