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What does the word circa mean?
a) Its a word used to describe the beginning of the Stone Ages
b) Its a word used to describe the time period when people started to walk upright
c) Its a word used to estimate date or time peroid when the exact date is unknown
d) Its is another word that can be used to describe the AD time period

What date is the oldest based on the choices below?
a) 500 AD
b) 120 AD
c) 320 AD
d) 476 AD

Based on its definition, what is the time period before there was writing called?
a) Mesolithic Era
b) Neolithic Revolution
c) Jurassic Period
d) Prehistoric Era

If the Tollund Man was born in 400 BC, how old would he be if he was alive today?
a) 1615 years old
b) 1715 years old
c) 2415 years old
d) 2015 years old

What century are we in?
a) 21st
b) 20th
c) 19th
d) 18th

What time period has the most dates in it?
a) AD
b) BC
c) The Neolithic Era
d) The Paleolithic Era

Based on the choices below, what date is the oldest?
a) 121 BC
b) 5 BC
c) 48 BC
d) 845 BC

This abbeviation is used to describe our modern time period
a) AD
b) BC
c) Circa
d) Prehistoric

This is the abbreviation used to describe the time before Christ
a) AD
b) Circa
c) BC
d) Anno Domino

Even though there is not a year zero, this persons birth is used to represent the year 0?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Jesus Christ
c) The Iceman
d) Alexander the Great

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