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What is the first thing you should do when starting a lab?
a) check your hair
b) read all the directions
c) gather your materials
d) dicide the jobs with your group

Why is it important to tie back long hair when doing a lab?
a) to keep it out of your eyes
b) it looks really cool
c) it makes the outfit
d) it keeps your hair from flames and chemicals

It is important to wash your hands...
a) after the lab
b) after class
c) after lunch
d) at the end of the day

Wafting a chemical means you...
a) inhale the chemical deeply
b) hold your nose so you can't smell
c) move your hand to bring the smell to you
d) taste the chemical

The fire extinguisher in the room is located...
a) in the back of the room
b) in the office
c) on the wall by the chemical shower
d) on the wall by the window

If you start on fire, you could...
a) stop, drop, and roll
b) use the fire blanket
c) stand under the chemical shower
d) all of the above

It is ok to drink out of a beaker...
a) as long as it is clean
b) it is never ok
c) only when you are really thirsty
d) when there is no cup around

If you drop a beaker and cut yoursel during a lab, you should...
a) tell the teacher immediately
b) clean up the mess and hide the pieces
c) tell the teacher at the end of class
d) get a band aid and suck it up

It is important to use lab materials...
a) as light sabers
b) to poke others
c) as instructed or intended
d) as an instrument to lay down a funky beat

MSDS stands for...
a) material safety data stuff
b) material safety data sheet
c) material diagram safety sheet
d) material safety detail sheet

Fix this rule: Taste substances to identify them by putting a tiny bit on your tongue.
a) Taste only substances that look like food.
b) Taste only food that smells good.
c) Never tast anything to identify it.
d) Never taste substances unless you are triple dog dared.

What will probably happen if you do not use lab materials appropriately
a) you will not get your lab done
b) you will get hurt
c) you will get incorrect data
d) you will be removed from the lab and maybe more

How do you carry a beaker safely?
a) carry it quickly
b) carry it with one hand underneath
c) just toss it
d) put glue on your hand and then carry it

MSDS sheets should be kept...
a) in the room and accesible to all
b) in the office on the teacher's desk
c) in the nurse's office
d) if the file cabinet

Horse play is allowed in the classroom...
a) only on Fridays
b) if you are done with your work
c) when the teacher isn't looking
d) it is never allowed

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