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World War II was fought from
a) 1931-35
b) 1937-1941
c) 1939-1945
d) 1941-45

Which of the following was NOT one of the Big 3?
a) Mussolini
b) Stalin
c) FDR
d) Churchill

The British Army escaped possible elimination at
a) Normandy
b) Dunkirk
c) Rheims
d) London

The main reason Japan felt they had to attack the U.S. was
a) The U.S. threatened the Japanese Homeland
b) The U.S. refused to sell food to Japan
c) The U.S. boycotted oil sales to Japan
d) The U.S. insulted the emporer

Even when the U.S. was officially neutral they helped the Allies through
a) lend-lease
b) sending soldiers to help fight
c) refusing to talk with Japanese diplomats
d) Selling bases to Great Britain

All of the following are examples of U.S. isolationism before 1941.
a) Charles Lindberg
b) Neutrality Acts
c) Nye Committee
d) Cash and Carry

What defeated the German Army in the U.S.S.R.?
a) The Battle of Stalingrad
b) The monsoon season
c) The Russian winter
d) The refusal of the German Army to fight

He led the Double V Campaign, an effort to end segregation at home and win the war
a) Marcus Garvey
b) A. Phillip Randolph
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Martin Luther King

She was a symbol of working women
a) Willie the Worker
b) Rosie the Riveter
c) Uncle Sam's Aunts
d) Woman's Brigade

This group was interned in camps, mainly in California
a) Italians
b) Japanese
c) Germans
d) Russians

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