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Factor 2x^2+4x
a) x+2
b) x-2
c) 2x+2
d) 4

Factor x^2-9
a) (x+9)(x-9)
b) (x+3)(x-3)
c) (x+3)(x+3)
d) X^2+3

What does the word FACTOR mean
a) Make a factor tree.
b) IDK
c) Find the expressions that will multiple to give you the answer.
d) To simplify.

What is the purpose of factoring?
a) To simplify.
b) To split the x's.
c) There is none.
d) To solve for the zeros.

Factor x^2+6x+9
a) (x+3)(x+3)
b) (x+6)(x+9)
c) (x-3)(x-3)
d) (x-6)(x-9)

a) (x+4)(x-8)
b) (x+8)(x-4)
c) (x+16)(x-2)
d) (x-32)

Factor. x^2-x
a) x^2
b) 1
c) x(x-1)
d) x

a) (x-4)(x+4)
b) (x-8)(x+2)
c) (x-4)(x-4)
d) (x+4)(x+4)

a) (x+6)(x+1)
b) (x+2)(X+3)
c) (x-5)(x-1)
d) (x+5)(x+1)

How can you check your factored answered?
a) FOIL to see if you get the original problem
b) Graph
c) Plug it in
d) Guess

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