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Metamorphic rocks are formed when sedimentary and igneous rocks are changed by
a) heat and pressure
b) cooling
c) heat and solidification
d) heat and melting

Metamorphic rocks are different from igneous rocks because they are never
a) solidified
b) melted
c) crystalized
d) none of the above

Foliation means
a) solidification of crystals
b) melting of crystals
c) disbanding of crystals
d) alignment of crystals

Banding means
a) Rocks seperating into dark and light layers
b) Rocks seperating into different color layers
c) Rocks seperating into crystalized layers
d) Rocks seperating into melted layers

The process by which rocks are transformed by pressure and heat deep inside the Earth is
a) contact metamorphism
b) banding metamorphism
c) regional metamorphism
d) none of the above

I have a foliated texture, a medium to coarse banding, have a high grade metamorphism and am made up of 6 different minerals.
a) phyllite
b) slate
c) gneiss
d) schist

I am non-foliated. I have a fine grain size and a variable composition. I metamorph by contact or heat.
a) hornfels
b) quartzite
c) marble
d) metaconglomerate

I have a foliated material with fine grain sizes. I have low grade metamorphosis and made up of 6 different minerals.
a) slate
b) phyllite
c) schist
d) gneiss

Which of the following does not help create a metamorphic rock
a) melting and solidification
b) compression within Earth
c) growth of mineral crystals
d) compression within the Earth

Which rock is not foliated, does not show banding, and contains medium sized grains of quartz and pyroxene
a) schist
b) phyllirte
c) gneiss
d) quartzite

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