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1. The American Revolution was a war between:
a) Great Britian and Native Americans
b) America and Great Britain
c) America and France

2. Which of the following is NOT a reason why the American Revolution happened?
a) The Americans were upset with the British over all the taxes and laws they had put into effect
b) The British did not want the Americans to become independent
c) The Americans were upset the British were not sending them supplies

3. The ______________ Congress met to discuss gaining independence from Britain.
a) American
b) British
c) Continental

Who were the redcoats?
a) British
b) Colonists
c) French

Who won the American Revolution?
a) colonists
b) British
c) French

6. The ______________ was the first government put together in America after the Revolutionary war.
a) Articles of Confederation
b) American Congress
c) Constitution

7. The Articles of Confederation had too _________ of a national government.
a) weak
b) strong

8. The _______________ was written to lay out the new government in America.
a) Constitution
b) bill of rights
c) decleration of independence

9. The Constitution created a national government with three branches. What were the branches?
a) legislative, judicial, and executive
b) judical and legislative
c) President, Legislative, and Judicial

Checks and balances was put in place to?
a) Make sure no one branch has too much power
b) maintain the national bank
c) keep Britain from taking over America

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