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What do overland trains do?
a) Carry soil out of mines
b) Haul loads to places without roads
c) Dig large tunnels
d) Move spacecraft in smaller pieces

The author included photos in this book to show _____________
a) How these vehicles are like monster trucks
b) kinds of vehicles of the future
c) how large these vehicles are
d) all the vehicles built in ancient times

Many of the vehicles in this book have enormous tires because  _____________________.
a) big tires look better than small ones
b) so many people ride on them
c) they carry heavy loads
d) none of the above

What is the main reason that a vehicle bridge would be useful?
a) It can haul tons of dirt.
b) Other vehicles can drive across it when there is no other bridge.
c) It can dig tunnels faster than humans can.
d) It can break into the earth and scoop it up.

What do giant power shovels and the Bagger 288 have in common?
a) They both work in mines.
b) They are both as long as two football fields.
c) They can both carry hundreds of people.
d) They both move heavy objects off ships.

Which of the following is not something a crane can do?
a) lift heavy things and move them
b) move goods from ships to land
c) help build tall buildings
d) dig under the surface of the earth

What is special about the Bagger 288?
a) It can move in water.
b) It was found in ancient Greece.
c) It is used to make tunnels.
d) It is the largest vehicle in the world.

Anything that is not living and is used to move people or goods is a ___________.
a) tunnel
b) spacecraft
c) vehicle
d) platform

The author probably wrote this book to ____________________.
a) entertain
b) inform
c) persuade
d) all of the above

What is a platform?
a) A flat surface that is higher than the area around it
b) A tool for digging tunnels
c) Goods carried by a large vehicle
d) None of the above

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