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Which is able to hold onto heat longer?
a) the water
b) both are equal
c) neither
d) the land

During the day, which warms up more quickly?
a) the land
b) both are equal
c) neither
d) the water

Land breezes occur at night because
a) the land is cooler than the water.
b) water cools more quickly than the land.
c) winds blow from the sea toward the land.
d) water heats up more quickly than the land.

Which global winds affect weather in the United States?
a) prevailing westerlies
b) polar winds
c) trade winds
d) prevailing easterlies

The uneven heating of Earth creates large convection currents. These convection currents are responsible for all of the following except...
a) precipitation.
b) movement of weather systems.
c) surface ocean currents.
d) global winds.

Earth\'s atmosphere traps energy from the Sun, which
a) allows water to exist as a liquid.
b) causes meteors to burn up.
c) allows ozone to form easily.
d) allows solar radiation to penetrate the surface.

About what portion of the atmosphere is composed of oxygen?
a) one-fifth
b) 1%
c) three-fourths
d) 99%

What is the source of all energy in our atmosphere?
a) the Sun
b) water cycle
c) Moon
d) Coriolis Effect

When Earth receives energy from the Sun,
a) all of these
b) some energy is reflected back into space.
c) some energy is absorbed by the atmosphere.
d) somem energy is absorbed by land and water on Earth's surface.

The flow of air caused by ________ and the Coriolis effect, together create distinct wind patterns on Earth's surface.
a) convection
b) the ozone layer
c) magnetic fields
d) jet stream

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