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What state do you live in?
a) New York
b) California
c) North Carolina
d) South Carolina

What country do you live in?
a) United States of America
b) North Carolina
c) Florida
d) United Kingdom

What community helper keeps you safe?
a) Baker
b) Librarian
c) Police Officer
d) Dentist

What is not a place in your neighborhood?
a) Post office
b) Doctors office
c) Grocery store
d) Beach

Where do you go in your community if you're hurt?
a) School
b) Hospital
c) Grocery store
d) Shopping mall

What town do you live in?
a) Hasty
b) North Carolina
c) Thomasville
d) United States

What community helper helps children learn?
a) Dentist
b) Doctor
c) Nurse
d) Teacher

Where do you go in your neighborhood for food?
a) Grocery store
b) Shopping mall
c) Doctors office
d) Park

What is not a place in your neighborhood?
a) Grocery store
b) Pharmacy
c) Park
d) Space station

What community helper delivers your mail?
a) Garbage man
b) Mailman
c) Teacher
d) Mom or Dad

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