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Quartz can be discolored due to its
a) fracture
b) impurties
c) cleavage
d) streak

Light bounces off
a) metallic objects
b) non-metallic objects
c) either
d) neither

The hardest mineral is
a) quartz
b) halite
c) graphite
d) diamond

The streak can be tested by
a) rubbing corner off rock on porcelain plate
b) rubbing two rocks together
c) rubbing rock on a piece of paper
d) breaking it apart

Fracture is when
a) the rock breaks parallel to the crystal structures
b) the rock is broken in half
c) the rock breaks along even surfaces that don't follow the atomic arrangement
d) rocks break evenly

Hardness can be tested by
a) cutting two rocks apart
b) rubbing each on a porcelain plate and investigating the color
c) rubbing on a glass square
d) rubbing a rock of a known hardness aganist a rock of an unknown hardness

A rock is graphite is
a) the hardness is 1-2, the color is silver to gray, the streak is black, it's metallic
b) the hardness is 1-2, the color is silver to gray, the streak is black, it's non-metallic
c) the hardness is 3, the color is silver to gray, the streak is black, it's metallic
d) the hardness is 1-2, the color is brown, the streak is black, it's metallic

I scratch a rock aganist quartz. Quartz scratches the rock. This means the hardness is
a) less than 7
b) 7
c) greater than 7
d) none of the above

What is the best way to determine if the mineral sample is calcite or quartz?
a) place a drop of acid on the mineral
b) observe the color
c) break it apart and observe the crystals
d) measure the mass

Which mineral reflects nearly all the light off its surface?
a) halite
b) pyrite
c) quartz
d) talc

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