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What ruse did Penelope use to put off having to marry one of her suitors?
a) telling them that she was sick right then and after she healed she would marry
b) telling them she will marry after 100 days
c) telling them that when she finishes weaving a shroud she will get married
d) telling them that Odysseus was home

Penelope will hold a contest in which the suitors will be asked _________________.
a) to out run Zeus in a three leg race.
b) to string the great bow of Odysseus and shoot an arrow through a dozen axes
c) to throw a dozen axes hitting the target perfect all 12 times.
d) to find Odysseus's body.

Antinous complains of it at the assembly . He claims that she has misguided the suitors for nearly four years, by
a) leading on each man with hints and promises but choosing no one.
b) hiding in a cell and pretending to die.
c) running away to try and find Odysseus.
d) playing sick and staying locked away fro times on and off.

Penelope told the young men that Odysseus was ______.
a) lost in the sea.
b) in the drive way.
c) on his way back to his home.
d) dead.

The beggar makes up a tale to tell Penelope, Who did he mention in this tale?
a) Telemachus
b) Odysseus
c) Zeus
d) Zacynthus

Who does the beggar mention in his tale that he tells Penelope?
a) Eumaeus
b) Telemachus
c) Zeus
d) Odysseus

Penelope says that ruses served her turn to draw the time out. What are ruses?
a) tricks
b) lies
c) games
d) schemes

Penelope worked at weaving a shroud for the eventual funeral of her
a) Zeus
b) cousin
c) father-in-law
d) Odysseus

What is maudlin?
a) of or relating to a practical point of view or practical considerations
b) to make unclear or indistinct
c) being tearfully or weakly emotional
d) affiliated in an organization, especially a union

Who does Penelope interrogates?
a) An old beggar
b) Eurynome
c) Telemachus
d) Antinous

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