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obtaining information about a site by using an instrument that is not physically in contact with the site
a) Remote Sensing
b) Cartographer
c) Geographic Information System (GIS)
d) Global Positioning System (GPS)

What things does GIS integrate?
a) Gather information
b) Display information
c) Store information
d) All of these

What do urban planners use GIS for?
a) Where a deer is most likely to cross traffic
b) Where to move an interstate intersection
c) Where to place a park
d) Both B and C

What are the different ways GIS can display information?
a) Maps
b) Charts
c) Graphs
d) All of these

What do animal biologists use GPS for?
a) Learning animal habits
b) Tracking animals that interact with the chipped animals
c) Tracking animals movements
d) Both A and C

What does GIS Stand for?
a) Geographic Industry System
b) Geographic Information System
c) Geographic Infomercial Style
d) Great Interior Style

What is Gerardus Mercator famous for?
a) Invented the compass
b) Developed remote sensing
c) Developing a map still used today
d) First person to sail around the world

A database is a collection of ________ that can be ________.
a) Toys; played with
b) Information; Played
c) Information; analyzed
d) Maps; read

Where can GPS be used?
a) Only in deserts
b) Only in the ocean
c) Only in the mountains
d) Anywhere on Earth’s surface

True or False? A GPS sends a beam from where you and the device are to an orbiting satellite
a) True
b) False

What was GPS (global positioning system) originally developed for?
a) Help military forces know exactly where they were
b) Help military forces know exactly where the enemy was
c) Blow stuff up
d) Help the military find food sources in unfamiliar areas

_______ and _______ are the two best-known satellites in use today?
a) Landsat GOES
b) Onstar GOES
c) Landsat GO
d) GOES Mouskatear

What is GOES used for?
a) Spying
b) Plotting trees
c) Weather Satellite
d) All of these

What does GOES stand for?
a) Geometry Obviously Enables Students
b) Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
c) Geostationary Operational Extraterrestrial Satellite
d) None of these

What do surveyors do?
a) Map the land
b) Measure the land
c) Look at the land
d) Both A and B

What do modern geographers use to create maps?
a) Airplanes
b) Pencil and paper
c) Remote sensing
d) None of these

What is the name of a geographer who creates maps for a living?
a) Point system analyst
b) Google maps driver
c) Surveyor
d) Cartographer

What will a geographer use in their work?
a) Photographs
b) Graphs and globes
c) Maps
d) All of these

A drawback to using a globe is you can only see _______ at any one time.
a) 1/4
b) 1/2
c) 1/3
d) ¾

True or False? Maps help geographers see patterns in the way humans or physical processes occur.
a) True
b) False

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