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As an ice cube melts, the particles in the cube
a) move slower because its cooler
b) move at the same speed
c) lose thermal energy
d) gain thermal energy

What does a thermometer measure?
a) volume of water
b) weight of the water
c) height of the water
d) temperature of the water

Which item heats up quicker?
a) white flag
b) snow
c) black rock
d) mirror

Mom removes a pot of soup off the stove. How does the heat from the stove transfer or move?
a) Heat moves from the soup to the air through convection.
b) Heat stops moving and does not transfer as it cools.
c) Heat particles move faster as the soup cools.

If Building A is lined with insulation and building B is not. Which is true for the wintertime?
a) Building A is colder than Building B
b) Building A will stay warmer in the winter than Building B
c) Heat stays in Building B longer
d) Heat will move out of Building A easier than the other building.

If the temperature of a pot of water went down 30 degrees after putting a spoon it, we can conclude that the
a) heat moved from the spoon to the water
b) heat moved from the water to the spoon
c) temperature of the spoon decreased or went down

Heat moves from the
a) bottom to the top
b) cooler to hotter
c) hotter to the cooler
d) solid to a liquid

If you went outside with a white balloon on the top of a white balloon and a black balloon on top of a black bottle. Which balloon would heat up faster and expand quicker?
a) white balloon
b) black balloon

Metal is a good example of a
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) thermometer
d) refractor

Which type of pan will a cake cook faster in?
a) glass
b) metal
c) stoneware
d) plastic

Why do you use oven mitts or hot pads to remove pans from the oven?
a) mitts conduct heat from the food
b) mitts transfer radiation from the oven
c) mitts insulate the hands from the heat
d) mitts insulate the food

When you rub your hands together, heat is produced by
a) convection
b) conduction
c) radiation
d) friction

The sun warms the air near the ground. The air expands and rises. Cooler air moves in and takes its place. The process repeats and air moves in a circular path. What is this movement of heat called?
a) conduction
b) insulation
c) convection
d) radiation

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