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There are how many Hydrogen atoms in C6H12O5?
a) 6
b) 12
c) 5

Which is a physical change?
a) burning coal
b) tearing paper
c) digesting food
d) iron rusting

Which of the following is the strongest base?
a) saliva with a pH 6
b) Bleach with a pH 9
c) Blood with a pH 8
d) NaOH with a pH 10

Which is a chemical change?
a) dissolving salt in water
b) boiling water
c) iron rusting
d) melting ice

Which of the following is the chemical symbol for gold?
a) Go
b) Ag
c) Au

A burning match is what type of change?
a) Physical
b) Chemical

Melting ice is what type of change?
a) Physical
b) Chemical

Which substance is the strongest acid?
a) NaOH with a pH 10
b) Saliva with a pH 6
c) Lemon Juice with a pH 2
d) Blood with a pH 8

Within the atom, there are three subatomic particles called protons, newton, and orbital rings.
a) true
b) false

Which tool of measurement is used to measure the volume of a fluid?
a) graduated cylinder
b) triple beam balance
c) spring scale
d) thermometer

What is a property of a neutron?
a) 0 charge
b) +1 charge
c) -1 charge

_____________ and _____________ have about the same mass and are found in the nucleus of an atom.
a) Electrons and Protons
b) Protons and Neutrons
c) Neutrons and Electrons

The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are __________,_____________and ____________.
a) pure substances, compounds, and mixtures
b) alloys, nonmetals, and metalloids
c) metals, nonmetals, and metalloids

Suppose your teacher has a container filled with iron and rocks. Your teacher uses a magnet to separate the iron form the rocks. The original container of iron and sand could be called a ______________________________.
a) mixture
b) chemical compound
c) solution

What are the vertical columns in the periodic table called?
a) groups
b) families
c) periods
d) both A and B

How would sugar be classified?
a) mixture
b) element
c) compound

Elements in the same family have _______________________.
a) nothing in common
b) adhesive properties
c) different properties
d) similar properties

Neon is a _________________.
a) metal
b) nonmetal
c) metalloid
d) transition metal

At the center of every atom lies a small, dense ______________ that is positively charged.
a) orbital cloud
b) neutron
c) nucleus
d) electron

All matter is made of extremely small particles called ______________.
a) elements
b) atoms
c) molecules
d) compounds

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