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What provided raw materials and a market for the mother countries of Europe?
a) Caravels
b) Colonies
c) Slaves
d) Triangular Trade

Under mercantilism, how did countries build their wealth?
a) Building Resorts
b) Holding Fund Raisers
c) Taxing Citizens
d) Through trade

What is a favorable balance of trade?
a) A country’s exports are more than its imports.
b) A country’s imports are more than its exports.
c) A country trades with many other countries.
d) D. A country has a triangular trade route.

What was the idea of Adam Smith that private businesses should compete for profits without government involvement?
a) Capitalism
b) Free Enterprise
c) Mercantilism
d) Socialism

What is the economic system in which people, rather than governments, own property, make goods, and buy and sell them freely?
a) Capitalism
b) Isolationism
c) Mercantilism
d) Socialism

Why were the African slaves who stayed in Africa better off than others?
a) They were fed foods they were used to eating.
b) They could communicate with their captors.
c) Their captors were friendly
d) They had hope that they might escape

What social group was made up of merchants and artisans?
a) Lower Class
b) Middle Class
c) Upper Class
d) Social Class

What is the middle part of the triangular trade called?
a) abolition movement
b) middle passage
c) migration
d) plantation

Native Americans did not make good slaves because ___________.
a) ...they lacked immunity to European diseases
b) ...they did not speak English
c) ...they did not have the needed skills
d) ....they were lazy

Who are business people willing to risk money in hopes of making a profit?
a) caboceers
b) entrepreneurs
c) indentured servants
d) maroons

In a triangular trade, which of the following was something Europe might trade for slaves in Africa
a) gold
b) indigo
c) sugar
d) weapons

What is the buying and selling of goods in large quantities over long distances?
a) Commerce
b) Exports
c) Imports
d) Tariffs

What was the name of the economic system that held that a nation became powerful by building up a large supply of bullion?
a) Capitalism
b) Isolationism
c) Mercantilism
d) Socialism

What people worked for a set number of years in exchange for passage to the Americas?
a) caboceers
b) griots
c) indentured servants
d) maroons

Who were the first Europeans to use African slaves?
a) English
b) French
c) Portugese
d) Spanish

What is the name given to runaway slaves in Jamaica?
a) caboceers
b) griots
c) indentured servants
d) maroons

What people were special African officials appointed to exchange enslaved people with Europeans?
a) caboceers
b) griots
c) indentured servants
d) maroons

Under mercantilism, colonies could only trade with _______________________.
a) Native Americans
b) Other Colonies
c) The Mother Country
d) European Countries

Merchants and ship owners were the first members of this.
a) Association of Shippers
b) Middle Class
c) Party of Right
d) True Knights

In the economic system of the United States, individuals can own businesses, this system can best be described as _____________________.
a) Capitalism
b) Communism
c) Mercantilism
d) Socialism

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