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Three percent of water on earth is
a) fresh water.
b) salt water.
c) ice sheets.
d) the percent humans use.

Wetlands are natural
a) filters.
b) wells.
c) divides.
d) artesian springs.

The water in ponds and lakes can be described as
a) still.
b) salt water.
c) always deep.
d) always moving.

Tributaries are
a) small streams or rivers that feed into a main river.
b) large streams or river that feed in a main river.
c) large streams or rivers that feed in a small river.
d) small lakes that feed into a main river.

Groundwater is
a) water that fills cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers
b) any water that falls to the ground
c) just the rain that falls to the ground and gets soaked up by the soil
d) just rain that plants use to survive.

An aquifer lets people
a) get water.
b) lose water.
c) keep water.
d) waste water.

A reservoir is used as
a) a place for humans to store water.
b) a place for animals to store water.
c) a place that plants get water from.
d) a place that only certain animals get water from.

A ridge of land that separates watersheds is
a) divide.
b) saturated zone.
c) permeable zone.
d) umpermeable zone.

The water cycle gets its energy from the
a) sun
b) ground
c) water
d) humans

Most of the fresh water on Earth is
a) ice.
b) water.
c) water vapor.
d) salt water.

Wetlands have many organisms because of their supply of nutrients and
a) sheltered waters.
b) prevention of floods.
c) use of water.
d) the climate.

When the levels of nutrients build up in a lake it's called
a) eutriophication
b) build up
c) formation of a meadow
d) building of saturated zone

The saturated zone is
a) the area of soil in which the pores are totally filled with water
b) the area of soil in which the pores are not totally with water
c) the area of soil
d) the area of soil in the garden

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