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What does the invert function do?
a) Does what the event says
b) Does the opposite of what the event says
c) Has nothing to do with the event
d) None of the above

Which layer does Flip fall under?
a) HUD
b) Main
c) Blocks
d) Background

True or False: Your platforms go in the main layer.
a) True
b) False

When you shoot a knight, what do you put in the events sheet to destroy your bullet and/or knight?
a) System, Else
b) Object, Destroy
c) Object, Set animation
d) None of the Above

Which behavior does the arrows and coconuts have and follow?
a) Platform
b) Bullet
c) Turret
d) Scroll to

How do you subtract a life every time you die?
a) Subtract value from variable
b) Add value from variable
c) Set value of variable
d) None of the above

In the Flip Game, the Score is stored as a(n) __________ variable.
a) local
b) conditional
c) global

When an object with the bullet behavior moves, which property controls the direction it travels?
a) Angle of motion
b) Position
c) Speed
d) Power

Which behavior allows the window to follow Flip as he moves left or right?
a) Platform
b) Bound to Layout
c) Turret
d) Scroll to

Which symbol is used to combine strings and number in an expression?
a) +
b) and symbol
c) #
d) greater than sign

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