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Qualified to participate in something
a) eligible
b) congregate
c) massive

The antonym of strong and solid
a) strong
b) powerful
c) tenuous

Synonym (similar) to PURGE
a) to assemble
b) to clear or get rid of
c) to destroy

The antonym of CONGREGATE
a) to assemble
b) to disperse
c) to vanish

Synonym (similar) of SENTIMENT
a) judgment
b) pedestrian
c) purge

Jurisdiction means someone has
a) a plain life
b) no clue
c) authority

Hatred and hostility towards something
a) animosity
b) sentiment
c) jurisdiction

Synonym (similar) to mutate
a) animosity
b) morph
c) tenuous

This machine was designed to decapitate
a) fan
b) pencil sharpner
c) guillotine

Antonym (opposite) of GRANDIOSE
a) large
b) massive
c) huge
d) small

Plain, dull, unappealing like plain grits!
a) pedestrian
b) tenuous
c) eligible

Someone who is honest and forthcoming is NOT
a) massive
b) devious
c) truthful

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