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The principal emailed the staff to inform them about new policy changes for cell phone use. Which type of document is the most appropriate to use?
a) memo
b) business letter
c) newsletter
d) agenda

Which Microsoft Word tab contains the Print command?
a) file
b) home
c) print layout
d) view

Which automatically appears based on tasks you perform, and contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document?
a) dialog box
b) mini toolbar
c) shortcut menu
d) ribbon

What is the name assigned to a file when it is saved?
a) document name
b) document title
c) file name
d) file title

To store a new or existing file with the same name, which button is used?
a) exit
b) close
c) save as
d) save

Trey wants to use the Black Tie Newsletter template created by Office.com . Which icon would he select to create this document?
a) blank document
b) sample templates
c) my templates
d) recent templates

In a Microsoft Word template, which of the following items indicates the location where information should be typed?
a) field
b) placeholder
c) container
d) marker

What is the name of the list of frequently used commands that appears when you right-click an object?
a) mini toolbar
b) shortcut menu
c) quick access toolbar
d) status bar

Which command is used to close the current document without exiting Microsoft Word?
a) file tab, choose exit button
b) Close button in upper right corner of the program window
c) file tab, choose close button
d) file tab, choose quit button

Which of the following hidden formatting symbol represents a tab stop in a document?
a) a small black dot
b) a small dash
c) a black arrow pointing right
d) a single quotation mark

Which dialog box allows a user to create a new folder in the desired storage location?
a) options
b) save as
c) close
d) print

Which command should you use to cancel a recent command or action?
a) File tab, close button
b) Shortcut Menu, Cancel command
c) Home Ribbon, Clear Formatting button
d) Quick Access Toolbar, Undo button

In the Print dialog box, which area provides a user with a list of available printers?
a) print
b) printer status
c) printer list
d) printer selector list

Nathan has created a new business letter and wants to use it repeatedly. What file type does he need to select when saving to protect his original letter?
a) template
b) macro
c) document
d) building block

To save an existing document with a new file name or to save an existing document in a new location, which command is used?
a) save
b) close
c) exit
d) save as

Which window allows a user to see document pages exactly as they will print?
a) print outline
b) document
c) print
d) review

Which of the following actions or commands cannot be undone in Microsoft Word?
a) saving a document
b) borders and shading
c) font color change and font size change
d) paragraph alignment and page orientations

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