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When enabled, scene detection will do what?
a) Automatically logs clips according to whether they were filmed indoors or outdoors
b) Automatically logs clips according to how many people were in each shot
c) Automatically logs clips according to close-ups, mid-shots and wide shots
d) Automatically lots clips at each point where the camcorder was stopped or paused

Only information about the clips (such as tape name and in/out points) is captured during the logging stage of a batch capture.
a) True
b) False

To add extra frames during the capture process, you must type a number in the _____ option in the Capture area of the Logging tab.
a) handles
b) frames
c) footage
d) duration

There are three basic approaches to capturing video tape: You can capture video tape in one long clip; you can use the scene detection feature; or you can log each clip's _____ for automated batch capturing.
a) duration
b) properties
c) subject
d) in and out points

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) Tapeless media is presently the most commone video format
b) Premiere Pro can only work with tapeless media
c) Tapeless media can be captured as well as imported
d) Premiere pro cannot use both tapeless media and tape media in the same project

Photoshop is primarily designed to work with pixel based graphics. Illustrator is primarily designed to work with ____________.
a) Vector Graphics
b) Line Art
c) Technical Illustrations
d) All are correct

Graphics with multiple layers can be imported from Photoshop into Premiere Pro. These layers can stay separated to allow for isolation or animation.
a) True
b) False

When you import items into an Adobe Premiere Pro project, you are only creating a link from the original media to a pointer that lives inside of your project.
a) True
b) False

To import any file, just choose __________ then Import.
a) View
b) Clips
c) Edit
d) File

You can reset the workspace to the default setting under which menu?
a) Window
b) View
c) Edit
d) File

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