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What does cibola mean?
a) Food
b) Gold
c) Mission
d) America

What happened to Narvaez on his journey with Cabeza de Vaca
a) Captured by indians
b) Rebelled against La Salle
c) Desperate for gold so he stayed in florida to search for it.
d) Lost in a hurricane

Which motivation let early Europe explorers to investigate the Americas?
a) Desire to find Gold
b) Desire to spread democracy
c) desire to leave overcrowded cities
d) desire to escape government monarchies

Which of these explorers landed at Matagorda Bay while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River?
a) La salle
b) Cortes
c) Cabeza de Vaca
d) Coronado

Which sequence of events is in the correct order?
a) 1. Cabeza de Vaca reports on Texas, 2. Pineda maps Texas, 3. La Salle establishes Fort St. Louis
b) 1. Pineda maps Texas, 2. Cabeza de Vaca reports on Texas, 3. La Salle establishes Ft/ St. louis
c) La Salle establishes ft. st. louis, 2. Cabeza de Vaca reports on Texas, 3. Pineda maps Texas
d) Cabeza de vaca reports on Texas, 2. La Salle establishes Ft. St. Louis, 3. Pineda maps Texas

Which of the following best describes the characteristics of the Age of Contact era?
a) Anglo and Spanish settlers established colonies in Texas.
b) American Indian tribes were driven out of Texas by French settlers
c) Spainish explorers and french explorers both claimed land in Texas
d) Spainish colonist abandoned exploration of Texas after not finding any gold

What factor helped Cortes in his defeat of the Aztec empire?
a) Persuading other Native Americans to join him against the aztec
b) The aztec welcomed him in, believing he was a God
c) Taking moctezuma hostage
d) All of the above

What area of the new world was Cabeza de Vaca originally set to explore before his shipwreck?
a) Between florida and mexico
b) Texas
c) MExico
d) Caribbean

The main goal of French settlers in Texas was to
a) impose French culture of the Native Texans
b) establish trade networks with the native Texans
c) convert the Native Texans to Catholocism
d) eradicate all traces of the Native Texan Culture

What contribution did alvarez de Pineda make for Spainish exploration?
a) mapped the Texas Coast
b) defeated the Aztec
c) Settled MExico city
d) explored new mexico

In what year did Alvarez de pineda explore the Texas coastline?
a) 1519
b) 1528
c) 1541
d) 1542

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