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The bouncing of energy off a surface.
a) Scattering
b) Absorption
c) Reflection

The speed at which a wave travels.
a) Wave Height
b) Wavelength
c) Wave Speed
d) Doppler Effect

The transfer of energy into an object
a) Reflection
b) Scattering
c) Absorption

A change in the observed frequency of a wave when the sound source, the observer, or both are moving
a) Doppler Effect
b) Echolocation
c) Sonic Sounds
d) Amplitude

A longitudinal wave caused by vibrations transferring energy through a medium.
a) Sound Wave
b) E.M. Wave
c) Chemical Wave
d) Transvers Wave

Energy reflected in all directions by an uneven surface.
a) Absorption
b) Scattering
c) Reflection

The number of cycles in a given amount of time. (How often it occurs.)
a) Amplitude
b) Decibals
c) Frequency
d) Doppler Effect

The maximum distance that the particles of a wave's medium vibrate from their rest position
a) Frequency
b) Wavelength
c) Wave Height
d) Amplitude

The distance from any point on a wave to the corresponding point on the next wave.
a) Wavelength
b) Wave Height
c) Amplitude
d) Frequency

What type of wave is a sound wave?
a) Transverse Wave
b) Electromagnetic Wave
c) Chemical Wave
d) Longitudinal Wave

A sound wave traveling through the air is composed of compressions and rarefactions. Which statement is correcect about compressions and rarefactions
a) A compression is the part of a wave where the particles come together and rarefaction they spread apart.
b) A compression is the part of a wave where the particles spread apart and rarefaction the particles come together.

If the wave had a high frequency, what would the pitch and wavelength be?
a) High Frequency = High Pitch, Long Wavelengths
b) High Frequency = High Pitch, Short Wavelengths
c) High Frequency = Low Pitch, Short Wavelengths
d) High Frequency = Low Pitch, Long Wavelengths

A sound wave bouncing back off a hard, flat surface is known as
a) Echo
b) Absorption
c) Sonic Sounds
d) Doppler Effect

What kind of medium do sound waves travel fastest through?
a) Liquids
b) Gases
c) Solids
d) Plasma

An ambulance has its siren on. What direction is the ambulance moving relative to you if the siren is decreasing in pitch?
a) Behind You
b) Towards You
c) Away From You
d) Maintaining the same position

If a meteorite crashed on the moon would we be able to hear it on Earth?
a) Yes
b) No

A student makes four observations in a science classroom. Which observation is QUANTITATIVE?
a) The room is warm
b) The Chairs are blue
c) There are ten tables
d) The room is dark

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