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What is a monopoly? (HINT: XFINITY)
a) When a company owns an entire enterprise of a good or service
b) When a company own an entire process of manufacturing
c) A game that destroys friendships and families
d) I don't know

Who is John Muir?
a) The Vice President under the very many Theodore Roosevelt
b) A famous gangster during the prohibition
c) a preservationist who was obsessed with nature
d) the name of the bear that Teddy Roosevelt didn't kill

Which of the following was a part of the square deal?
a) Control corporations
b) Consumer protection
c) Conserve natural resources
d) All of the above

What is conservation?
a) To use limited resources, such as water, wisely
b) Being a member of the Republican party
c) The time period in which alcohol was illegal in the United States
d) The name of Ms. Shawky's dog

Which fact is true about Teddy Roosevelt?
a) He was so strong, that once he lifted an entire bear off the ground and threw it three feet in the air
b) He was a war hero who became president after the assassination of McKinley
c) He was so fat, that a new bathtub was installed into the white house
d) He loved novelas

What was the Hull House?
a) A famous chicken ranch
b) A home for homeless children that provided food and comfort.
c) A nickname for a park in Wyoming
d) A home for immigrants so they could learn to assimilate

Where was the Hull House located?
a) Houston, Texas
b) New York City, New York
c) Chicago Illinois
d) Doesn't exist

What did Francis Willard Fight For?
a) The banning of drugs from American life
b) No more lynching
c) Taco Tuesday
d) Banning Alcohol

Who stated that blacks would only be able to compete with whites if they had an education? (HINT: Founder of NAACP)
a) W.E.B. Debois
b) Martin Luther King Jr (NO)
c) Fredrick Douglas
d) Theodore Roosevelt

What did Ida B. Wells protest against?
a) The fact that there are no free ice cream sandwiches available in the cafeteria
b) Lynching
c) Immoral behavior of America's Youth
d) Alcohol

Which Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote?
a) 18th Amendment
b) 21 Amendment
c) 19th Amendment
d) 16th Amendment

What book did Upton Sinclair write?
a) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
b) The Jungle
c) The Evils of Big Business
d) Nice try Ms. Shawky, Sinclair isn't a real person

What law did The Jungle influence?
a) Pure Food and Drug Act/ Meat Inspection Act
b) The Clean Air Act/The Sewage Worker Act
c) Prohibition
d) Miranda Rights

Which act banned impure/mislabled food and drugs?
a) Meat Inspection Act
b) The Immaculate Drug Act
c) The Bogg Act
d) The Pure Food and Drug Act

Who is Susan B. Anthony?
a) An awesome feminist who needs no introduction.
b) The lady who created the Hull House
c) I think it was something about a chicken farm
d) The African American lady who was against lynching

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