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What word is being described? It is tome to vote for our new governor.The people have the power to choose a new governor.
a) oligarchy
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) anarchy

What word is being described? There is total chaos. The people are lost and doing what they want.
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) anarchy
d) hierarchy

male that is the leader of the family
a) leader
b) patrarch
c) professor
d) patriarch

female that is the founder or dominant member of a community or group
a) matriarch
b) matrimony
c) maternal
d) archmom

a state of society without government
a) hierarchy
b) monarchy
c) anarchy
d) confusion

a system of ranking a group or things in order of importance
a) oligarchy
b) democracy
c) monarchy
d) hierarchy

government in which a few people have power
a) oligarchy
b) anarchy
c) republic
d) symbiosis

type of government in which a king or queen holds all the power
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) hierarchy
d) monarchy

a) government
b) life
c) research
d) check

government ruled by people
a) monarchy
b) publiarchy
c) democracy
d) anarchy

a) pre
b) bio
c) air
d) therm

What is a thermostat used to control?
a) air
b) temperature
c) pollution
d) water

An item that keeps liquids hot or cold
a) thermostat
b) thermometer
c) thermos
d) thermals

My new Yeti ________ kept my orange juice cold all day long.
a) thermos
b) thermostat
c) mug
d) thermometer

Which of the following words means heat within the body?
a) thermal
b) exothermic
c) thermos
d) endothermic

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