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The English Bill of Rights protected citizens from
a) taxes
b) strict laws
c) trial by jury
d) cruel and unusual punishment

According to the English Bill of Rights, a ruler could not
a) request strict laws
b) grant a royal charter without Parliament's consent
c) suspend Parliament's law without Parliament's consent
d) prevent women from voting

The English principle of protected rights first appeared in
a) the Magna Carta in 1215
b) the Navigation Acts in the 1650's
c) the English Bill of Rights in 1689
d) the colonial charters, or grants

____________ is to the colonies government as the Supreme Court is to the United States government?
a) Assembly
b) Council
c) Judge
d) House of Commons

Which of the following is not part of the Executive Branch of government.
a) President
b) King
c) Governor
d) Supreme Court

Which of the following makes laws in the colonies?
a) House of Lords and House of Commons
b) Assembly and Council
c) House of Lords and Council
d) House of Commons and Assembly

Which of the following does not have role in making laws in England?
a) Parliament
b) Assembly
c) House of Lords
d) House of Commons

Which of the following is the supreme law enforcement officer in the colonies?
a) King
b) Police
c) President
d) Governor

Which branch of government makes the laws?
a) Legislative
b) Judicial
c) Official
d) Executive

Which branch of government helps determine if laws are broken?
a) Legislative
b) Judicial
c) Official
d) Executive

Which of the following is not a branch of government?
a) Legislative
b) Judicial
c) Official
d) Executive

iIn a representative government, people elect delegates to make laws and conduct government .
a) true
b) false
c) don't pick me
d) really... don't pick me

Parliament served as a model for American legislatures?
a) true
b) false
c) I am wrong:(
d) No!!! Don't pick me

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