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Which of the following does not constitue fraud?
a) The wrongdoer made a false representation of material fact
b) The innocent party was injured.
c) The innocent party disagree's with the contract terms.
d) The innocent party justifiably relied on the misrepresentation.

What goods or services can a minor legally contract?
a) Cell phone service
b) Internet service
c) car sale
d) Room service

Which of the following can cause a termination of an offer by operation of law?
a) Lapse of time
b) All of the above
c) Supervening illegality
d) Destruction of the subject matter

Which type of contract refers to a promiseto a promise?
a) Bail bond
b) Bilateral contract
c) Contracts minors
d) Informal contract

Authority created by public endorsement.
a) Agency by ratification
b) Implied agency
c) Express agency
d) Apparent agency

Acts of the agent committed outside the scope of his or her authority.
a) Apparent agency
b) Agency by ratification
c) Implied agency
d) Express agency

Protects the use of intellectual property.
a) copywrite
b) fair use doctrine
c) possession
d) patent

Use of a substantial and material part of another’s copyrighted work without permission?
a) Patent infringement
b) Plagiarism
c) Disaffirmation
d) Copyright infringement

A fictitious legal entity that is created according to statutory requirements.
a) Corporation
b) LLC
c) Sole Proprietorship
d) Incorporation

The change in a relation of partners caused by any partner ceasing to participate.
a) Dissension
b) Disaffirmance
c) Dissolution
d) Dissolve

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