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A map that shows the change in elevation
a) physical
b) political
c) relief
d) point symbol

A compass rose shows
a) labels
b) distances
c) directions
d) symbols

A map that shows natural features
a) political map
b) physical map
c) dot density map
d) thematic map

The height above sea level.
a) relief
b) elevation
c) scale
d) physical map

Lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole
a) lines of longitude
b) lines of latitude
c) parallels
d) euator

The specific area of the world shown on a map
a) physical map
b) locator globe
c) political map
d) large scale map

A map element that represents information of a map
a) symbol
b) scale
c) title
d) legend

The center line of longitude
a) equator
b) legend
c) prime meridian
d) map

What map would you use to see the population of Brazil?
a) population density
b) political map
c) physical map
d) point symbol map

A large scale map would be useful to locate
a) Canada
b) the streets of Kansas City
c) countries of South America
d) location of Dallas, Texas

A small scale map would be useful
a) to find your way in a mall
b) to show details of an area
c) to show the resources of an area
d) to show a large area

Map projections are flat and
a) show all the Earth's oceans
b) shows all the Earth's mountains
c) show Earth's curved surface
d) shows all of the countries on Earth

A map that shows the counties in Nebraska.
a) political
b) physical
c) thematic
d) dot density

A point symbol map shows
a) how something is distributed
b) symbols of different sizes to show the size of an event
c) features that humans have created
d) location of activities at different points

How much distance shown on a map is called
a) legend
b) relief
c) scale
d) labels

The center line of latitude
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) parallels
d) longitude

A map about a specific topic
a) thematic
b) political
c) physical
d) dot density

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