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two or more connected computers sharing certain resources in a relatively small geographic location. (Ex: School)
a) LAN
b) Clients
c) WAN
d) network

webpage that allows anyone to create or edit a webpage
a) WAN
b) Blog
c) LAN
d) Wiki

is the physical network of computers all over the world
a) Cable
b) Star Topology
c) The Internet
d) Dial Up Internet

wireless internet connection mostly available with mobile devices
a) Satellite
b) Cable
c) 3G and 4G
d) Topology

allows users all over the internet to save and share interesting sites. Examples Pinterest
a) Social Bookmarking
b) The Internet
c) Blog
d) Online Chat

programs that are installed in your browser that enable it to play various types of media, such as video. (Quicktime Player)
a) Dial Up Internet
b) Plug Ins
c) DSL
d) Web feeds

listening or watching movies while downloading but is never stored on your device
a) Ring Topology
b) network
c) The World Wide Web
d) Streaming

Telephone over the internet. Example Skype
a) VoIP
b) Podcast
c) Wiki
d) Web feeds

software that allows users to communicate in real time
a) Web feeds
b) Plug Ins
c) Online Chat
d) Social Bookmarking

full mesh topology is a network topology in which there is a direct link between all pairs of nodes
a) Bus Topology
b) Fully Connected Topology
c) Star Topology
d) Ring Topology

internet provided using orbit transmitting info in space (example Directv)
a) Satellite
b) Server
c) Web feeds
d) Wiki

you can subscribe to a series of audio or video files that will automatically be downloaded to your computer
a) Social Networking
b) Wiki
c) Social Bookmarking
d) Podcast

a way to receive updates from your favorite web sites and blogs
a) Web feeds
b) VoIP
c) Blog
d) Online Chat

internet provided using existing tv cables
a) Satellite
b) Dial Up Internet
c) DSL
d) Cable

the connection between two or more computers
a) Fully Connected Topology
b) Bus Topology
c) Dial Up Internet
d) Topology

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