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What is General Zaroff's main reason for preferring to hunt humans?
a) There is no big game found on the island.
b) He hates people
c) Men can think and reason
d) He doesn't like to kill animals

The General is excited Rainsford is there because
a) He's writing a book and wants Rainsford's help
b) He knows that hunting Rainsford will be a challenge
c) He's glad to meet the famous hunter
d) He thinks Rainsford will love his new hunting game

Rainsford first realizes that the General plans to hunt him when
a) he sees the blood and empty cartridge on the beach
b) the General tells him that he has invented a new animal to hunt
c) the General shows him his collection of heads
d) the General says he can choose to participate in Ivan's sport, or his.

Which of the following BEST describes how the General justifies hunting humans?
a) Individual rights don't matter.
b) Humans are irresponsible
c) Animal life is more valuable than human life.
d) Survival of the fittest.

Why didn't the General kill Rainsford on the first day of the hunt?
a) His shoulder hurt too bad.
b) He didn't see Rainsford.
c) He wanted to use the dogs instead.
d) He was trying to mess with Rainsford's head.

When Rainsford can't sleep the night before the General is going to hunt him, this is an example of:
a) internal conflict
b) external conflict
c) man vs. man
d) dramatic irony

'The Sniper' takes place in
a) Belfast, Ireland
b) London, Ireland
c) Berlin, Ireland
d) Dublin, Ireland

The Sniper shoots the old woman because
a) she was trying to kill him
b) he hates old people
c) she was a spy
d) she was planting a bomb.

When the sniper realizes he has killed his brother at the end of the story, it's called
a) situational irony
b) dramatic irony
c) external conflict
d) internal conflict

The theme of The Sniper could best be described as:
a) 'War is difficult'
b) 'Only the strong survive.'
c) 'Never turn your back on your country'
d) 'War turns brother against brother.'

Eckels goes on the time travel safari because he wants to
a) be young again
b) hunt dinosaurs
c) correct past mistakes
d) change the future

At the beginning of 'Sound of Thunder' what event has just occurred?
a) Time travel has been outlawed
b) A new president has been elected.
c) Time travel has just been approved by the government
d) Travis was just promoted.

The hunters are allowed to kill dinosaurs that have been marked with red paint because those dinosaurs
a) have only one brain
b) are the easiest to kill
c) aren't real
d) are about to die anyway

What leads Eckels off the path?
a) panic
b) anger
c) necessity
d) curiosity

In 'The Necklace' the narrator suggests that Mathilde's problem is that she:
a) needs a job to give her happiness
b) wants more than she has
c) doesn't know how to spend her money
d) doesn't really love her husband

Mathilde envies the social class and wealth of others because
a) she was born wealthy but wanted to be even wealthier
b) her husband is cruel and demanding
c) she feels she deserves a better life
d) her friends tell her she should act like them

How much does Mathilde spend on a dress?
a) 100 francs
b) 200 francs
c) 300 francs
d) 400 francs

What are 3 ways Mathilde's life changed after she lost the necklace?
a) Got richer, got a bigger house, was famous
b) Moved to the slum, had to do housework, had to haggle and barter for food
c) Got 3 jobs, sewed clothes for food, lived with her parents
d) Moved to the slum, got 3 jobs, ate food off the street.

Which of the following statements BEST summarizes 'The Necklace?'
a) In pursuit of a wealthier life, a woman loses everything and becomes a pauper
b) An expensive necklace is lost and must be replaced
c) A woman who wants to make a good impression goes to a dance.
d) A woman buys an expensive dress and borrows a diamond necklace

What type of characterization is the following: 'Instead of being delighted at the invitation, she scornfully threw it on the table...'
a) Indirect: Speech
b) Direct
c) Indirect: Actions
d) Indirect: Effects on Others

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